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COVID - 19 Policy

Policies to keep us all safe

We appreciate our clients, staff and community and have initiated protocols to ensure safety for all.

We are committed to offering our services in the safest possible way and would request the same in return for any of our employees who you may come in contact with during the course of providing you with our concierge services.

Our promise to you

  • All Vida Vie Concierge employees are fully vaccinated against Covid 19.

  • We [Vida Vie Concierge] will provide Wellness Checks on all employees prior to dispatching them to service.

  • We will adhere to all CDC Guidance which include wearing a mask (whether vaccinated or unvaccinated).  


  • Prior to any home visit, our employees will wash hands, sanitize and wear a mask for the duration of the visit.


  • We will stay at least 6 feet away from clients and others in clients’ homes, including pets, when possible.


  • While in the home our employees will touch as few surfaces as possible and wash hands regularly.

  • Should a Vida Vie Concierge employee become sick after contact with a client you will be advised immediately. The concierge will not return to work until they have fulfilled the CDC recommended 10 day quarantine.


  • If an employee test positive for COVID-19, we will notify any clients visited during the period from two days before your symptom onset (or two days before your test if you are asymptomatic.)

  • We reserve the right to cancel a service should your assigned concierge/employee feel unwell or register a temperature of higher than 100.4f.​

  • We will offer vendor referrals to only vendors who have been vaccinated and will make every effort to have only a vaccinated independent contractor dispatched to service you. Please understand, these are third party vendors we are unable to guarantee their vaccination status.

Your Responsibility to us


  • Consider alternatives to in-person services when possible, such as services done online or over the phone.

  • Please wear a mask (regardless of vaccination status)


  • Please ensure children are masked, stay at least six feet way and refrain from interacting with our employee/concierge or independent contractor.

  • Before our service provider [employee/concierge or independent contractor] arrives, evaluate yourself and others in your home for symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

  • Follow CDC recommended precautions and tell your service provider if you or someone in your home is having symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or if you are well but someone you live with has COVID-19.

  • Inform the service provider if you or anyone in your home has been exposed to a person with COVID-19.

  • Keep a list of who has visited your home and when.

  • Do not allow the service provider to enter your home until your (or your household  member’s) quarantine period is completed.

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from the service provider, when possible.

  • Remember people may be able to spread the virus that causes COVID-19 even if they do not show symptoms. Consider all close interactions (within 6 feet) as a potential source of exposure.

  • Please note, this information is subject to change without notice.

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