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  • Our services are available for purchase in prepaid packages and must be used within 6 months.  Unused hours will not carry over. (Minimum purchase 5 hrs).

  • Rates include travel up to the first 30 miles, thereafter a 0.56c mileage fee applies.

  • Time is charged in 15-minute increments.

  • Jobs requiring two people (ie: moving furniture) are charged at time & half.

  • All third party purchases and services, parking fees, photocopies are the client’s responsibility.

  • Purchases must be paid for upon delivery. For online orders, client’s credit card will be used.

  • Any service requested outside business hours (incl. weekends and holidays) and urgent same day requests will be subject to an additional fee.

  • All additional fees will be quoted at the time of service request.

  • Our pricing is subject to change without notice.

Once a package has been purchased, you will be able to start sending service requests. We will keep you updated on your balance of hours.

Gift Cards
Give the gift time! Perfect for: employee reward, new and expectant parents, recovering from surgery, elderly parents, home bound individuals, business travelers, holidays, mothers and fathers' day.

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