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San Diego to get new one-stop Concierge Service company come August

Vide Vie Concierge is an upcoming concierge and lifestyle services company that will offer a versatile range of concierge services at reasonable hourly rates.

San Diego, CA, August, 2021: A new concierge business is set to start business in the coming month. Named “Vida Vie Concierge”, (Vida meaning ‘life’ and Vie meaning ‘strive to achieve’) this new business will offer a comprehensive range of concierge and lifestyle services, covering personal, corporate, travel and lifestyle concierge services across San Diego.


A recent study conducted by the Families and Work Institute on the US Workforce shows people today are too occupied to enjoy quality downtime, even during weekends. They are constantly juggling errands and responsibilities leaving limited free time to relax and enjoy life. With too many tasks to do in too little time, people are increasingly time-starved with each passing day. This is unsustainable and leads to poor quality work and eventually sickness. We all need a break in life to relax and rejuvenate.

Vida Vie Concierge offers a logical solution to those without enough hours in the day by outsourcing your to-do list.

If we’ve learned anything from Covid 19 it’s that we’re social creatures, it’s important for us to connect in person with our family and friends. However to do this, we need to have enough of today’s number one commodity, time! 

For these reasons the launch of a new concierge business to support busy professionals and businesses will be welcomed in San Diego. "We guarantee highly efficient and comprehensive concierge services so that you can have both your time and health back and focus on enjoying life”, stated Jane Turner, the dynamic lady behind Vida Vie Concierge.

Growing up in New Zealand, Jane started her career in Sales and Marketing before traveling the world, finally settling in San Diego. Jane then started a local outdoor adventure company and soon followed up with a boutique travel company specializing in bespoke travel itineraries to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. However, after nearly 2 decades of successful operation, Jane was forced to halt her business when COVID-19 hit. With borders closed, Jane spent time doing what she loves: hiking and climbing. During this time of reflection she realized how destructive our way of life can be, both physically and mentally. She decided her years of dealing with busy people and managing minute details to craft highly curated travel experiences could apply well in the personal and corporate services industry. The idea of playing a role in the solution to giving busy professionals precious hours in their day back so they could enjoy time doing what they love was appealing. She knew a concierge business would fill a much needed gap in the personal and corporate services arena. Thus, Vida Vie Concierge was born.


Vida Vie will be offering a wide range of personal concierge services, including but not limited to, gift and personal shopping, house sitting, planning weekend getaways and more.

Speaking on the corporate concierge services, Jane stressed the importance for companies to continually seek to provide work/life balance for employees.


“Working Mother Magazine recently published a list of the top 100 companies to work for and not surprisingly they all have one thing in common - they all offer work/life benefits to their employees. Our Corporate Concierge services can support companies in their effort to keep their employees happy and increase rate of employee retention. Companies can include our Personal Concierge Service in their employee benefits package to both attract and help employees enjoy more free time- yet without compromising on their necessary errands.”

On travel, Jane emphasized her 23 years of experience in the travel industry which enables her to provide clients with curated travel concierge services. She said:

The world of travel has changed – any restart is going to be a bumpy ride. The need for a Travel Advisor is now more important than ever and an invaluable resource all discerning travelers should have.

From arranging a unique surprise weekend away to planning a once in a lifetime customized international trip, Vida Vie will take care of it all.


“We assure you industry-leading concierge and lifestyle services with a large network of hand-picked vendors. We work only with the most credible vendors who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure the most premium experience for our customers. Our vendors carry their own insurance with vaccination status verified.”


In addition to San Diego, Vida Vie services are also available for anyone in USA for remote assistance and travel concierge services.

For more information contact:
Jane Turner  Ph: 858 775 5433  e:

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