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Give thanks & #bekind21

Our mental health & healthcare workers are at the end of their tether – it’s been over a year and a half now and they’re exhausted.

Vida Vie Concierge want to help make what little down time these outstanding individuals have, quality time & free of chores. Let them come home at the end of their shift to a stocked refrigerator, goodies from local San Diego artisans and the choice of a pop up luxury picnic or having their car or house cleaned. In return for their unbelievable service we want to give them back precious hours in their day to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

We’re donating our ‘Weekender Package’ to one healthcare worker and we’re looking for matching donations or a donation in any amount to go towards a package so we can provide this to many more deserving workers.

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The Weekender

Donate now to make one Healthcare Worker's life just a little easier.
Our 'Weekender Package" is valued at $399.00

Package includes choice of 1, 2 or 3 below
plus $100 grocery shop & goodies from a local artisan.

Celebration summer picnic in the city garden. Delicious food and drinks on pallet tables.

Luxury Picnic

A private luxury picnic set for two. Relax, enjoy the sunset and nibble on tasty treats. Duration: 2hrs

Woman With Groceries

Grocery Run

With your grocery list in hand our concierge will fill a cart to the value of $100 from one store.

Opening Car Door

Car Detail

We all enjoy stepping back into a nice clean car. We'll arrange for car detailing during the workday.

Izola Bakery

Local artisan treats

We love supporting our local San Diego businesses. Fresh local goodies from our favorites.

Celebration summer picnic in the city garden. Delicious food and drinks on pallet tables.

House Clean

We'll get the house back up to scratch. Our concierge will oversee a 3hr clean during the workday.

Purchase The Weekender Package or make a donation in any amount

towards a package so we can continue gifting to more deserving workers.

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Thank you for your gift & making one Healthcare Workers life just a little easier.


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Latte Art
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  • All services will be carried out while recipient of gift is at work, unless otherwise preferred.

  • House entry instructions will need to be provided.

  • All services offered subject to availability.

  • Additional stores may be visited for the grocery run if required and will be quoted at our normal fee.

  • Any of our normal services may be added by recipient at additional cost.

  • Donor, please let us know if you would like your name provided to the healthcare worker or kept private.

  • This program is run in conjunction with Sharp Hospital in San Diego with all arrangements coordinated by Vida Vie Concierge.

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